Faro Airport Guide

Low Cost Faro Airport Parking

Faro has all the facilities required by arriving and departing passengers, including a number of car parking areas. Motorists will find suitable parking areas for short-term and long-term parking periods.

Faro Airport consists of a single terminal building, with passengers arriving on the ground floor and all departures handled from the upper floor of the airport building. Passengers will also check-in for their departure flight on the ground floor level. Access to the airport is provided for motorists via the N125, A22 and N2 highways of Portugal. These major roads link the airport to all areas in the Algarve, as well as to farther destinations, such as Lisbon and Spain. The N125 is the main highway that runs along the southern coastline of the country, and the N2 travels down the centre of Portugal, almost directly to Faro Airport. The A22 is a toll free highway, leading from Lisbon and Spain. These roads, especially the N125 highway, can be very busy during rush hour traffic; therefore motorists should leave in plenty of time for Faro Airport, and should allow at least a few minutes to find a suitable parking space. Passengers should also keep in mind that the airport is at its busiest during the summer months, when many people are on holiday at the lovely beaches in the area, and the traffic on the roads tend to be heavier during this time.

Faro Airport Parking is divided into three main areas, which are all within walking distance of the terminal building. Passengers will therefore not need to transfer to a shuttle bus in order to reach the check-in area. Motorists may drop off passengers and their luggage in front of the terminal building. However, this area is not for parking, and vehicles should not be left unattended in this area, or parked here for long periods of time. At most airports, drop-off points in front of the terminals are well monitored by airport security staff, and any motorists who stop for lengthy periods will be asked to move along. Vehicles left unattended in the drop-off zones will be towed away for security reasons. There are some airports that do not even allow motorists to stop at the terminals, but provide an area in the short-term parking lot which is convenient for the drop-off and collection of passengers.

Short-term to mid-term parking at Faro Airport is available in the P1 and P3 car parking areas. These are two large parking areas located in front of the arrival and departure areas. Short-term parking is best utilized for airport stays of a few hours, or only a few days. It is also convenient for dropping off departing passengers, and the collection of arriving passengers from the terminal building. P1 can be referred to as the Departures Car Park, and P1 as the Arrivals Car Park, and both have similar parking rates. Parking for an hour will cost between one and two Euro, and parking for a day up to fourteen Euro. P1 is slightly less expensive than P3. Collectively, the parking areas of P1 and P3 have room for approximately 700 vehicles.

Long-term parking at Faro Airport is provided in the P2 parking area, which is located just behind the P1 and P3 parking areas. This parking lot is a bit more economical for stays of a few days or weeks at the airport, as its rates are slightly lower. Parking for a week in the long-stay area will cost around fifty-five Euro, while two weeks is seventy Euro. Each subsequent week of parking is less expensive, as three weeks will only cost eighty-five Euro and four weeks ninety-five Euro. It may be necessary to make arrangements with parking officials at Faro Airport if parking is required for an extremely lengthy time period. 320 parking spaces are available at P2.

Disabled passengers with reduced mobility challenges are welcome at Faro Airport, as the terminal is well equipped for their needs. There are adapted toilet and public telephone facilities, and ramps and lifts for easy access to the various parts of the building. Additional assistance can also be requested from the passenger’s airline company. Reserved parking spaces are available as nearby the terminals as possible for disabled drivers in each parking area at Faro Airport as well. Passengers using these parking spaces should display their licenses.

While parking at Faro Airport is adequate for the majority of passengers, their only drawback is that they are not under cover. The vehicles and anything inside do get extremely hot during the summer months. There is an attendant on duty at the car parks during the day for enquiries and assistance, and payments for parking are made at the automated machines before returning to the vehicle. Further parking details are available from the information desk at Faro Airport, or passengers can call the airport at +351 (0) 289 800 800.